Why I Want To Go To Nashville

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Did you know, Nashville, Tennessee was founded in 1779 on Christmas Eve by James Robertson, John Donelson and a party of Overmountain Men. However it was named after Francis Nash. Francis Nash was the American Revolutionary War hero. In 1806, Nashville was incorporated. It was also when nashville became the county seat of Davidson County. In 1843, Nashville was named the permanent capital of Tennessee.
I was jealous of my parents going to Nashville and not taking me or my brothers with themselves.The Grand Ole Opry along with the Country Music Hall of Fame are just two of the many things I wish to see while in nashville. It would be something memorable to see. Tracing of country music’s roots is displayed in the Country Music Hall of Fame.
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Even though I will not be going there anytime soon it would still be nice to start saving some money here and there. I would also need to ask family and or friends if they would like to tag along, so it would be even more memorable than if I went by myself. Planning in advance will really help with reducing stress about the trip. My parents he hawed about the trip with a few other couples and then finally decided. However they said they wish they would’ve started planning sooner because it was such a headache planning everything so last minute.

Going to Nashville is not really that important for me to go to. However, it is somewhat meaningful to me because there are very few songs that are not country that I can stand so it would be enjoyable to go to for the country music atmosphere. The music atmosphere is not the only thing I would appreciate, I also want to travel there for the nature, the people, lastly the rich history Nashville, Tennessee has.
I have a passion for country music. I like it so much that I would surround myself for an extended period of time. Even though I like country music a lot I would not be able to sing or write
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