Why I Want To Make A Scholarship Essay

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The one thing that sets me apart from those applying to the University of California is my desire to make a difference, to inspire others to join me in making a difference and to give hope to the hopeless. Because my life as a whole will not be defined by the number of digits in the bank, my life will be about the number of lives I can change. As a child living in Haiti, “I was the unfortunate”,the one with the poor background, the one dying of starvation with no clothes and shoes, and the one who was living day by day hoping to make it through another. My live nearly came to an end because of my condition. But today I’m still on my feet, willingly walking the extra mile to make an impact in the life of the ones who appears to be helpless. My life is a story in itself waiting to conclude.…show more content…
I remember walking in the neighborhood in Haiti, and looking around to see the number of missionaries who were willing to served out there. I can reflect back to a moment when I looked into Rachel Montgomery’s eyes (a canadian missionary from Canada) through her eyes I saw a passion for helping others. Not that I knew her social background or her social class, I just knew that she took a call to action. And now It’s my turn to answer to the same call. Rachel took care of me like I was her own child and now it’s up to me to respond the same way. My pass experiences in life was not a misstep, and they don’t weakens me in anyway. Infact I feel like it was necessary to my situation, because it strengthen me as a whole, motivates me to be a helping hands, and forces to think deeper about the selfishness in this
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