Why I Want To Obtain A Scholarship Essay

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For one of many reasons, I qualify for the Nina Mason Pulliam Legacy Scholarship program because as a juvenile I was in custody of the state and attended a group home named Penny Lane located in North Hills California. At the time when I resided there I was 16 years old. I’ am now twenty-six years old and I care for two dependents whom are my children. My children are now 7 and four years of age. At the age of seventeen I dropped out of high school and became pregnant the following year. The fact that I was soon becoming a mother, I wanted to go back to school but was discouraged and had no positive role models to look up to. When I finally gained the courage to attend school and obtain my G.E.D I was one step closer to starting my journey. The following year I enrolled to college and became the first person in my family to enroll in college. Enrolling in college was foreign to me and I felt alone because no one else in my family can relate.…show more content…
I plan to obtain a Bachelors in criminal justice from Arizona State University. My plan in order to obtain this degree is to participate in a program called the ninety-thirty program. The ninety-thirty program is a program offered at Estrella Mountain Community College to help students save money towards their degree at a community college credit hour rate vs. a university. Once I have completed my ninety credits, I will then transfer to ASU through another pathway program known as MAPP to finish my remaining thirty credits to obtain my Bachelors in criminal justice. Upon receiving my degree my ultimate goal is to protect and serve the community and help victims of violence. I want to show the community that there are a majority of police officers who care about their community and the people who reside
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