Why I Want To Pursue A Bachelor's Degree In Elementary Education

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Education is a means to break down barriers between people of different backgrounds, and this idea lies at the heart of my desire to be an educator in an elementary school. I believe strongly that through helping children learn to communicate effectively both for the sake of cooperation and for expression of their thoughts and feelings; by treating mathematics as a way to help my students see justice and injustice in the world; and guiding my students in their understanding of the unique and similar qualities of different cultures; I will be able to play my part in helping the world attain its true potential as a peaceful and vibrant community.

I was raised in Lewiston, Idaho, where I attained all of my Primary and Secondary education. As a youngster, I was part of a youth group that helped me to realize my full potential, and I have since devoted myself to doing the same for others. After graduating High School, I moved to Salt Lake City to help and to learn regarding the development a program for a particular neighborhood there. After that year, I moved to Boise to do the same, and began my pursuit of a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. Singing, dancing, theater, and learning about different cultures and countries around the world are things that I enjoy doing. I also love being in nature and playing casual sports.
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I am currently on track to graduate in Spring of 2018. Long term, my passion lies with populations that too many people don't know about...rural, Native American, migrant workers, and with helping them see in themselves what others have tried to keep from them; in particular, with developing a distance education program that will assist/empower these populations in ways which, through consultation with them, are determined to be
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