Why I Want To Pursue A Career As A Nurse

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What do you want to be when you grow up? This is a common question asked by adults to children. Most of the time, they say jobs like a firefighter, a police officer, a teacher, or even a princess! When I was younger, I wanted to be a veterinarian because the thought of helping animals was amazing. However, now, I want to be a nurse, as one of my relatives was one.

To get the job though, you need to set goals. My goal for this year is to do good in school. Ordinarily, I need to get to my class on time, have a good record, and be prepared. My goal for my high school years is to get good grades. By studying for tests, finish homework on time, and staying organized, I can be able to reach that goal. Moreover, my goal that takes me into the
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My first question was, “What do you enjoy most about working as a nurse?” Her response was, “ I worked in long term care (nursing homes) for over 20 years. I enjoyed the elderly who are appreciative of everything you do for them and love to talk about their past.” The second question I asked was, “What makes you good at your job?” And her response was, “I pay attention to details and am very organized usually.” The next question was, “What made you want to do this job?” Her answer was, “My best friend and I decided together to go to nurse's training. Forty seven years ago, nurses’ training cost about $500 a year, and I knew I would have to pay for my own education. I felt I could afford it and worked summers and won two little scholarships and was able to pay for it.” My fourth question is, “Why are you successful there?” The response was, “I always showed up early to see what was going on. I asked questions. As a supervisor of an entire facility, I tried to help where I was needed.” My last question is, “What advice would you give someone who just started the job?” And her answer was, “Ask a lot of questions. Find a good nurse where you work to be your mentor. Never stop learning, as nursing changes continuously. Attend in services and view nursing procedures on videos online for…show more content…
The reason why is since I do not favor blood that much. Also, it seems not easy to do an IV with the vein, it nauseates me a bit. Being around all the sick patients would probably make me sick. Nevertheless, if I'm helping people, that's alright. Just as long as the patients show gratitude towards me.

I believe being a nurse would be good for me. By taking the career quiz on the Who Do U Want 2B website, my number one career field was health science and medical technology, and one of the jobs in the category was nursing. Choosing to be a nurse was easy. It was because I savor helping people. I have liked helping people all my life. Perhaps that’s why I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was
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