Why I Want To Pursue A Career In Marine Biology

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When I was assigned to research the career I want to pursue in college for a class project last year, I learned a fact that changed my whole perspective on the career I wanted. I discovered that marine biology was an oversaturated career, and had a much lower salary than what I expected the salary was going to be. This revelation lead me to reconsider another career option that I would be interested in. I decided to take some career aptitude tests to see what other careers matched my interests. I discovered various careers that involved science, ranging from anthropology to zoology. I carefully sorted out the careers that I had the most interest in from the careers that I had little or no interest in. The main factor with sorting through these career choices was trying to find a balance between what career option has a high salary…show more content…
Once I researched environmental science, I decided that this would be the replacement career because environmental science possesses all of the aspects I want in my career. The significance of this problem was that I was forced to select a new career when I had decided that I wanted to major in marine biology back in freshman year. I had such a strong passion for marine biology, and I wanted to select a new career that was close to what I originally wanted to study. Even though I found some promising careers related to marine biology, I wanted to continue to research before I made my final decision. Once I discovered environmental science, I wanted to research this career to truly see if environmental science was a subject I could see myself major in. I eventually made my decision, and wanted to major in environmental science. After learning my career wasn't the best fit for me, I worked through the problem carefully and was able to find a solution by researching and deciding on what my new career should
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