Why I Want To Pursue A College Degree

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Throughout my life I have noticed the increasing importance of a college degree. Without knowledge or the luck of being born into wealthy/famous family, I would get nowhere and face the same struggles as my parents and many other Americans. Furthermore, my willpower, determination, and want of knowledge have led down this path. I am furthering my education to one day become a person that can heal the wounds of others while making them to be more accepting of others.
I have always been interested in the thoughts of others and what makes them tick. Through my extensive college prep courses, I have come upon the decision to go to college to study psychology and become a psychologist. One of the major reasons for me to further my education is
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From being a ballerina to a veterinarian, a pharmacist to an international pop star, all the while speaking every native language of all the places I would travel to fluently. I had the determination and stubbornness of a bull.
As I grew older, I began to realize my natural gifts as the other students began to become more viscous. Being teased about being too smart and bullied due to jealousy in elementary school had shortened my creative list possible futures and made me distant. Thus, leading me to be the one that is watching the actions and behaviors of others.
The loss of old and the gaining of new friends in middle school helped change and mold my perspective to what it is today. Due to these events, I have become more accepting of others and their beliefs. The person that can’t help but want to start a billion charities and donate to Adopt-a-Family. The person that has helped start a community service project to help cancer patients in St. Louis Children’s Hospital to feel more at home and less alone while they are there. The person that watches shows like “Family Therapy” and “Couples Therapy”, and wants to be the one that helps seizes their
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