Why I Want To Pursue A Degree In Social Work

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Social Work can be a challenging career, but most importantly, a rewarding career. Social Work is a profession that allows certified professionals to help individuals, families and communities alleviate societal problems to improve their lives. Human beings have the right to not feel vulnerable, oppressed or impoverished. Social work professionals have a responsibility to alleviate the feelings of vulnerability, oppression and impoverishment through counseling, resource referral, advocacy, case management and etc.
Choosing North Carolina Central University as the institution to pursue my Masters in Social Work was not a choice that had to be made. As an alumni of the great institution, I was familiar with the strong tradition of teaching, research, and service that prepares students to become global leaders and practitioners who transform communities. As an African American female who believes education is able to solve most problems, I was eager to learn that North Carolina Central University and the Department of Social Work continues to affirm its tradition of serving African American students while expanding its commitment to educate a
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I realize that we cannot put children back into the same environment without first looking at the societal influences that affect their daily lives. As a current instructor within North Carolina’s Department of Public Safety, I understand that many of the inmates that I encounter will require more support when reuniting with their families after incarceration. Pursuing my Masters in Social Work will award me with the tools to assist. My research focus will be on children and families. Many families have fallen apart because of lack of education, assistance and resources. I would like to bridge the gap and keep more families
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