Why I Want To Pursue A Doctoral Degree

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One of my life time goals has been to earn a doctoral degree and have been working towards that goal since graduating high school. My life experiences and personality has lead up to this moment and am more than ready to face the challenges continuing my education brings. I have been known for my voracious appetite for reading and learning new topics. Also, I am a very strong-willed, sometimes even obstinate, which has helped me overcome challenges in my academic career. Moreover, I am a humanist in the philosophical sense that I want my legacy of doing some good in the world. These three characteristics are necessary for going through the rigors of a doctoral program, and I have learned through various life experiences that the best doctoral program for me is in the field of Public Administration concentrating on Law and Public…show more content…
During my masters program, I was hit with life-altering events that would have deterred anyone. I had a few deaths in my family within a two year period and I called off my wedding. By refusing to be emotionally overwrought and family saying that I should take a break, I was able to complete my program. I may not have done it within the traditional two-year timeline, but I persisted. The best lesson I learned from this is that becoming an authority in a particular field is a marathon, not a race. I understand that learning about public policy and law at the doctoral level is going to take time and determination. I have had friends go into doctoral programs only to fail not because they lacked knowledge of the material, but because they became distracted or burnt out. I know how much workload I can handle and am determined to see this to the end. It is because of my willfulness and diverse background that makes me an excellent candidate for the public policy and law
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