Why I Want To Pursue Higher Education

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Growing up in a low income community where high crime and violence is prevalent, I’m aware of the anxiety, trauma, and fear that individuals living in these conditions may experience. I was born and raised in East Los Angeles where I saw how a lack of financial resources, and opportunities affected the life opportunity and academic success of those around me. The loss of loved ones who were misled to a pathway of gang violence, drug and alcohol made me aware of their connection to oppressive systems both painful and harmful to a community. As I continue to pursue higher education, I am reminded of those who were victims of social marginalization. Their fatal stories but also their resilience remind me of the importance of civic engagement and leadership. I want to pursue a career in counseling, because, I see the need of leaders who are passionate, empathetic, and determine in building stronger and safer communities. By obtaining a MS. Counseling I hope to learn the skills needed to help me be a better leader in my community.…show more content…
I recognize that without the support of mentors and advisers I have had in my life, achieving higher education would not be possible. I am currently a City Year AmeriCorps member, serving at Carver Middle school, located in South Los Angeles. I work closely with a group of 11 eighth grade students to whom I provide planned intervention and tutoring. By serving 50 hours a week, I have been fortunate to learn about some of the challenges that my students experience in and out of school such as homelessness and single parenting. Through my observations, I have noticed that the issues my students face, affects their class performance and social
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