Why I Want To Pursue My Bachelor's Degree

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Since the beginning of my bachelor’s degree, I have been part of the American Medical Student Association which has provided me with many opportunities that have been complementing with my pre-med studies. The contribution it has with conferences and workshops about the health field, being a volunteer at the VA Hospital as a translator between the physicians and the patients, the community service activities and the 3 programs part of the Rio Piedras Chapter; Dr. Clown, FREMS and Shadowing a Physician, made me realize how much I want to be part of the health care field. This Association also gave me the opportunity to become part of the committee as a leader of the Premedical Leadership Team which help me broad my experience in the health field while also learning about public health since this position works with the student community with volunteer service and improving health education. Involving my leadership, on 2013 I became part of the Air Force ROTC program which sharpened my leadership and communicating skills while giving me some of this experience within the program throughout the year that I stayed.
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