Why I Want To Pursue My Pathophysiology

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I am currently a mathematics major, but I am planning on changing my major to physics and hopefully specializing in astrophysics. Astronomy and space, in general, has been a passion of mine since the eighth grade and it was all due to the astrophysicists Carl Sagan. I really enjoy watching Doctor Who, because the idea of aliens and space are explored, but also it also reminds me to keep an open mind. My music taste also reflects my open mind because I love hearing K-pop even if I do not understand the language, but I am trying to learn. I enjoy listing to Latin pop and western pop, anything except country. As far as personal interest go, I enjoy going on walks by myself especially at night. During summer bridge, I would often go on late night…show more content…
During eighth grade, I had the opportunity to read a lot of Shakespeare such as Comedy of Errors, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Macbeth, and Romeo and Juliet. My high school English classes, on the other hand, did assign readings such as Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, amongst others, but my teachers did not do a very good job of incorporating the readings into their lesson plans. One teacher dismissed Hamlet all together and just showed my class the movie instead. One of the writing that I can remember is about existentialism and incorporating multiple texts to this theme. High school was not a place that prepared me in my writing skills which may have been partially my fault because I chose not to take AP English courses. I am quite excited to learn about American Civil Religion based on just the image on the syllabus because I enjoy finding flaws in something very significant. I know nothing about the topic and the introduction we received on Monday was quite insightful. I am sure we will be discussing political beliefs, but I am open to discussing any point of view even though I am very liberal. Overall, I am sure I will enjoy the readings more than the writing portion, but hopefully, that will
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