Why I Want To Read Cinder's Story?

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Have you ever wanted to read a book about a half human, half robot? Cinder’s story is that type of book. Cinder lives in Beijing in the year 4057, crazy right! A disease has spread in the nation and worldwide. It is called Limfomia Phononia Datric, also known as LPD. Once LPD hits you there is no cure, or is there?
The author is Marissa Meyer. She has written many books, too many to count. Currently I am reading Cinder, it is part of the Lunar Chronicles. Meyer was born February 19, 1984, that mean she is age 32. She took college at Pacific Lutheran University. Cinder was her first book that she released on January 3, 2012.
Cinder is 16 and part human, part robot. She went to visit her doctor and while she was there the weekly news
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