Why I Want To Read?

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I have always had a burning desire to understand. To understand what exactly, I never truly understood as a child. I was inquisitive, always asking questions and no doubt driving my father slowly insane with endless interrogations beginning with, “why?” School was not enough for me when I young; I quickly grew bored with the slow pace of my instructions, and so my father gave me books. First there were stories, but I quickly exhausted them. In an attempt to slake my voracious hunger for reading, my father gave me books meant for children much older than me. Books that told me of the anatomy of the human body, how muscles were bound to bone through tendons and how tiny structures called neurons orchestrated every thought and feeling anyone had ever…show more content…
However, rather than discouraging my love of reading with material I couldn't hope to understand at that age, my father had awoken an even deeper passion. I came to him with my books and demanded explanations for the words I did not know, and that demand for knowledge has not been assuaged since. Since then, I have been enamored with science, with its intricacies and the satisfaction which it brings through sheer understanding. There is nothing else like it, and it is my endeavor to continue learning until the day I die. Although my school does not offer true advanced or AP classes, I have chosen the most difficult science classes with the most infamous teachers I could. I’ve taken dual enrollment classes on computer sciences, medical terminology, and am scheduled to take a course on medical law and ethics next semester. Although all fields of science are fascinating, and I would happily study any of them for hours, anatomy and biology have always been of special interest to me. I plan to continue striving to understand the world around me, and to use that knowledge to improve the world in any way that I
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