Why I Want To Receive Quality Healthcare

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Growing up in an urban community there were healthcare facilities around but never any quality ones. The healthcare facilities are horrendous, filthy, and unsanitary in several ways. In my community doctor’s office, they give me the impression, that their passion for medicine has diminished. I have observed countless individuals become turned away, as well as be treated unfairly because they could not afford healthcare coverage. In my opinion, everyone deserves standard health insurance. The community you live in or your financial situation should not have an effect on receiving quality health insurance. I plan to use my nursing degree as an outlet, to assist underprivileged families in receiving the health support and assistant they deserve.…show more content…
After watching my grandmother and father struggle with cancer, I knew I wanted to be a nurse as well as a physician. When I become a nurse, my main goal will be to help save as many lives that I can. Their health coverage or their finical situation will not have an effect on the type of health care my patients will receive. I have to start somewhere, with that being said I want to begin in my own neighborhood. Once I receive my degree, I plan to work as a nurse at a practice in my community. Working in my community will give me the learning experience that I need to become the best nurse and physician that I possibly can. I also will have the pleasure of fulfilling my goals in my own community. I plan to start free blood drives and screenings in the community, twice a year. These blood drives and screening will give individuals important information about their health, that will be very beneficial to their everyday
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