Why I Want To Work At Mcdonalds

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When I grow up I wanna work at mcdonalds and make happy meals for little kids. I wanna work at mcdonalds Because i will get free double cheese burgers and smell great fake meat all day. I'm am so excited to work at mcdonalds because they pay good and make good food.
Mcdonalds sometimes requires a high school degree unless you're still in school. I plan to work there my whole life because It's what I want to do with my life.DEDICATE it to mcdonald's and making happy meals for children. I was born for mcdonald's and hopefully one day I can own a mcdonalds of my own. When i was a little kid i looked up to people at mcdonalds and I still do till this day. I wanna be like fred from mcdonald's he is my friend and is chill when he gives me free food. I well be a hard worker and be the employee ever to step into a mcdonald's.
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I will put love into everything I make from mcdonalds and they will have the tasty ist food and if something goes wrong i'll fix weather if we forget to put ketchup on the double chees burger i will make it right . I will be a mcdonalds g I will do everything by the book. I will make mickey ds 10 times what its worth because my service is a one man army for mcdonald's. Mcdonald's is underrated and i wanna make it overrated. Mcdonald's is a good business that needs
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