Why I Want to Be a Graphic Designer

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During my whole life and experience I have been interested in the Art, Creativity, and I have been traveling around Graphics Designing. When I go out to centres, supermarkets, the high streets around Kingston anywhere in London, Germany and other parts of Europe which I have seen. I have seen lots of Graphics designs in advertising, Billboards companies for example in electronical products or any type of product the graphics advertising companies running around the world, just because of that I was inspired in the graphics designing and I was influence by the subject. I was interested particularly in doing graphics design and the visual communication that I was inspired by combining images phrases and ideas to illustrate to the…show more content…
I have gained in Year 10 and 11 lots skills in my Art & Design Project Unit 1 Object Still life lots of sketching and painting techniques, skills that are observational pencil drawing, observational drawings and also lots of painting techniques and processes of water colours, oil painting mixing colours medium use black ink acrylic paints. However I have applied these skills from different artist which I have most been influenced. I have responded and compositions to those for instance Jen Rowland, Nanda Palmieri, Brenda Wholey, Nicky Beltons, Wayne Thiebaud, Jo Anne Bediet, Andy Warhol, Lisa Milroy. As I have gained lots of Object still life I have also gained lots of
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