Why I Want to Be a Lawyer

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It wasn’t always like this. I didn’t grow up intending to one day become a lawyer, and I didn’t meet some famous politician who inspired me to follow their foot steps. But I certainly don’t have to tell you that, my high school and junior high curriculum can. Usually any free space in my schedule would be filled with incompatible oddities, some of which include: computer aided drafting, journalism, yearbook, acting, etcetera. In actuality, I grew up despising politics due to my internal belief that they were naturally polluted or tained by the blood of the innocent people politicians corrupted and reigned over. Growing up in the late 20th century and the continuation of the 21st ultimately brought with it some needed change and with it my own. Eventually, I was presented with the question we all fret as adolescents, “what do you want to do in this world?” and as a response I looked around to find the answer and I saw a puzzle. For a long time nothing seem to fit and all my talents felt out of place. However, I found that the things I came to love were not the answer but the tools that would help put my future together. Through my love for art, history, and language, I was able to see the importance of the “details” within not only my own life but the life of those around me. The things we came to live for and to love were not simply given to us but were once fought for and had now become our unalienable rights. Looking back at the darker aspects of life I saw poverty and
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