Why I Want to Be a Noncommissioned Officer

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I have been surveying my options regarding my present and future career plan. As I consider various paths, one option remains outstanding and seems to fit my personality and my skill set to a tee. This option is that of the possible advancement within my region, as I hope to become promoted to a noncommissioned officer. The following essay will summarize the reasons as to what I believe makes a good noncommissioned officer, why I fit these criterion and for which reasons I wish to become an NCO.
I have had much academic and practical training which is relevant to this position. I have recently graduated from the Fort Still Noncommissioned Officer Academy, where I took the WLC (Warrior Leader Course). Upon completion, I was awarded the NCO
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I will promote honesty with positive reinforcement, even in situations where the subordinate is to be corrected. When the person to whom one must report can also be considered a confidant rather than merely a superior, this will inevitably lead to an open line of communication.

It is clear that an effective officer will motivate his crew by; showing full out support and positive reinforcement when the subject(s) are acting well, correcting the subject(s) when there has been a wrongdoing, and providing negative reinforcement when there is evidence of repeated misbehaviors.

Aside from this system of reward and punishment, there are a few crucial motivation techniques that I could employ as a noncommissioned officer. As a leader, it is important to direct and motivate by example, as motivation is one of the most important components of an NCO’s job. The key is to instill intrinsic motivation in one’s troops via empowerment rather than work by extrinsic motivation by reward and punishment. In order to maintain an enthused crew, the supervisor should show enthusiasm him or herself. When the leader strives for excellence, the team will follow suit. Because I am always striving to exceed standards in everything I do, I believe I would be able to lead my section efficiently and effectively. This, as opposed to bullying, making threats and giving excessive orders, is also a good way to exert power over others, power being a necessary quality for any type of

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