Why I Want to Be a Nutritionist

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As Thomas Edison said “In future we would be able to cure disease through nutrients with gene and drugs”. According to my observation of life nutrition is the fundamental factor which influences health and it’s the relationship between health and disease. Often people do not realize the importance of good nutrition for wellbeing. This whole world revolve around nutrition, we are absolutely nothing without nutritional values. Chemistry of the human body is the reason which made me interested in nutrition.

In school I read that eating influence the ability to concentrate, growth, nourishment, resistance to infections etc. why? Because of the nutritional values. Medical research has proven that good nutrition helps to maintain healthy weight, body and body systems to function for a lifetime. It is also essential for boosting self-confidence. It plays a critical role through all stages of life ,through my working experience I have observed eating food is much more than we think, It involves psychological, environmental, economical, genetic etc. factors

I really enjoy applying good scientific knowledge of food on people or for the benefit of people, which nutrition is all about.

At present, I am studying Access to Health Human Science and enjoying the process of learning new things and remembering old stuff. I have done quite well in Human digestive system and cells and tissues chapters, in which relation of human digestive structure to function together with the role of
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