Why I Want to Go to College

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Media surrounds us, from the graphic design on our morning cellophane coffee cups, to the carefully designed spreads in the magazines we religiously read. The world of Media and Film is beautifully complex, and something which I strongly want to be involved with. I have always immersed myself in the world of Media, and have only ever felt truly satisfied when I’ve been involved in broadening my knowledge and understanding of the industry.
The medium of Film is undeniably one of the most powerful tools used in media today, the moving image has an ability to evoke certain emotions within the viewer, and as an audience we are completely powerless against its capacity to entice and engage us. I find this fascinating, and like many others I find myself addicted to cinema. I own a cinema card which allows me to regularly watch films with a monthly subscription; this is one of my most cherished hobbies. This then enables me to analyse and examine the techniques used behind the camera, and how they affect audiences at home. I enjoy writing film reviews and feel that I am able to creatively convey my ideas on the page, this skill is strengthened by my interest in reading. By looking at others work you are able to critically analyse your own; a skill which I feel improves your ability to translate thoughts into the written word.
Having taken time out of education I can now see what path I must take in order to advance my skills. Time spent traveling away from home has allowed me to
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