Why I Want to Study Business Studies

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Academically, I have always been a diligent and stable individual, which is why I believe a degree at university shall be my next step. Business Studies has always fascinated me with the fact that it is a forever changing environment and the way it blends with current affairs. This is important since it plays a key role in the economic growth by helping the society operate as it provides job opportunities. Through my BTEC Business course I realised that not just academic understanding is needed but motivation, creativity and hard work.
During my current course I have extended my understanding of how companies promote to sell products. I have also enhanced skills such as using initiative, having the ability to follow instructions and the capacity of working with others. By completing Unit 9 (Creative Product Promotion), I strengthened my ability to manage time within the given strict deadline, as I was given the role of a team leader. This unit enabled me to improve my management skills given that I had to allocate roles and monitor group activities. I have learnt not only issues surrounding management but also experienced critical evaluations from distinction tasks and therefore I believe this course has made me more aware of the structural roles business plays in our lives. For instance, the course explains fundamental knowledge of a range of business organisations, and the way many factors such as political and legal factors that shape the nature of organisations are
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