Why I Want to Study English Essay

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Why should anyone want to study English? Why not French or Spanish or even Mandarin Chinese? Is English so much more interesting than any other language? Why spend time studying a language and not mathematics or science? Well, there are some very good reasons for that.

Never before, has a sound knowledge of languages been so important for finding a decent job. It is probably the first question they ask you if you apply for one. Someone who knows different languages will be preferred to someone with a more limited command of languages. If a person applies for a job in which it is very important to operate or programme a computer, he may have acquired that knowledge and those skills, but still someone else who knows more languages will be
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At present, the world tries to take care of that problem by massively learning English as a second language, a choice that has its roots in the history of this language. "It's too late to be studying Hebrew; it is more important to understand even the slang of today." Since the end of World War II, English has been taught at most West-European schools, even at most schools in the world. English is predestined to be the international language par excellence.

Communication has never been more important to the world than it is now. Just think of the Internet. When you surf the Internet you immediately notice that the main language is English. Again we can see the influence of English in the world. Today, already half of the Europeans use English as their first or second language. "English has borrowed from everywhere and now goes everywhere." English may not be the language with the highest number of speakers in the world, but it is definitely the most important. You can reach a lot of people when you are able to communicate in English. If you like to go working abroad, learning English is a very good preparation. There are so many large countries where English is the official language, just think of Great Britain, Ireland, America, Canada... Even in our daily routine, English is all around. It already starts when you switch on your PC and meet with English `commands, prompts, errors and messages' - the new type of computer slang.

English is