Essay on Why I Wanted to Become a Nurse

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Why I want To Be A Nurse
By: Lourdes Ocasio

I walked off the school bus; it was a beautiful summer day. The sun was shining and the birds were singing, but inside my house it was dark, a cloud had moved over us. I slowly made my way to the door, expecting my mother to greet me but instead my sister opened the door, something was wrong, I knew instantly. When I walked in there sat my three year old little brother playing with his toys in the family room and my parents were sitting on the couch. I looked up at my mom, she had been crying. What is wrong I asked? He is sick my mom said, “Your baby brother is very sick”. I just shrugged my shoulders and walked away, I had been sick before and I got better, so would he.
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It was this day that will always stick out in my mind. I walked in and immediately the musty stuck to me like a brick wall. It slowly began to invade me filling my nostrils and spreading its way through my body.

The sickness was engulfing me and I felt as if I would not be able to let it go. I knew that most of these people were sick, but I never realized how sick they were. We quickly began our task of inviting the residents to come and play bingo with us, as I walked down the halls asking each one that I met, I was saddened. Some of the people could not get out of bed and others were just too weak to leave their rooms. I knew that the couple of hours I was going to spend there with them were going to brighten up their day. For many of these people, the volunteers that they saw were the only people from the outside world they met; their families just stopped coming to visit them sometime ago. After a few hours my mom came to pick me up some how I was not the same girl who entered the nursing home just a short time ago. Something had changed me; I now knew that being a nurse was the only way I felt I could help people.

There are many things I have done that have helped me make this decision. Working as a Surgical Technologist at NYU, as a Medical Assistant for an Internal Medicine Practice and as a front desk Receptionist my medical terminology skills have sharpened as well as the anatomy

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