Why I Was A Doctor

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When I was a child my mom took me to go see a psychiatrist because she wanted to make sure that I didn’t have the mental illness that she had. When I went there, there was a man on a couch with a clipboard asking me questions. I was very uncomfortable and like I did all the time and still do to this day, I began to fidget. I have never been able to keep still so why would I in that moment? After he done examining me he told my mom that I had ADHD. A look came over my mom’s face that I couldn’t comprehend. My mom and dad are divorced so I’m not sure how the process of telling him went but when I came back over the next week he told me he didn’t think I actually had it. At the time I didn’t understand that, a doctor couldn’t be wrong could…show more content…
They are working with the doctors to prescribe medication so that they can make money. Doctors agree because it makes them money also and favors. I read many article accusing them of doing this and the evidence is undeniable. The websites I got information from were cchrint.org, psychologytoday.com and alternt.org. These websites all talk about a woman named Marcia Angell MD who wrote a book about Big Pharma and it’s desire for money and willingness to push people over to get it. The book is called The Truth About Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What to Do About It. In this book it discusses how Big Pharma is deceiving us and what can be done about it. Basically, Big Pharma is putting out new drugs that we really don’t need just to make money instead of helping the people who are suffering and need something to take away the pain that doesn’t cost a fortune. This is creating a bad wrap for the people who need the drugs. Big Pharma is continuing to add the mental health stigma because it is the way it can make a profit rather than helping the people who need help and aren’t willing to pay the price of something that will just make them crazier anyway. It is sad that we are being manipulated and we are just letting it happen but we can do something. We can know our limits and stand up to the companies that are trying to push us down by using the drugs that we know work and denying the new drugs that our doctor is trying to put us
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