Why I Was A Mandatory Volunteer Requirement For This Class

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To be honest, when I started to dive into this whole process, I had no idea what I was truly interested in. I was only taking this social work class a a very general way to get engaged with the community, though I had little idea what that would mean or what it truly entailed. So when I finally discovered that there was a mandatory volunteer requirement for this class, I was both excited and nervous at the same time, as it would be my first time going through such a process without my parents help. It was not until I discovered the “Give Kids the World Village” that I began to get a better understanding of what this would really mean for me. To begin with, the Give Kids the World Village was created by its Founder Henri Landwirth. Henri would ultimately create the Give Kids the World because of the unfortunate events that happened to his beloved Amy. Amy was a young girl who Henri cherished dearly, however Amy was suffering from a terminal illness, leukemia, and it was her last wish was to go to the parks and meet her favorite characters. However, due to many complications regarding travel, Amy passed away before her dream was accomplished. From there, Henri would work towards making an organization that would handle the costs and complications of travel, so that no other parent should suffer his fate. [1]And thus, the “Give Kids the World Village” was founded, and with it, it’s only major goal. Which is simply to provide everything families need to make their trip, and to
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