Why I Will Be An Force Officer

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Why I will be an Exceptional Air Force Officer What does an average American expect from an Air Force Officer? This is a good question because we as service men and women should live up to the standards that the citizens of our great country expect of us and then exceed them. I expect an Air Force Officer to personify the Core Values and to be an exemplar to those around them. They should epitomize a true leader who has the abilities to inspire his staff through his actions. I know that I can do this and live up to the expectations of the citizens of our country. I feel that being an exceptional Air Force Officer will come natural to me because I have core tenants I have held true throughout my life. These are that a leader should always respect others, have impeccable communication abilities, and always remain accountable for themselves and their troops. Respect is the most important factor in being an effective leader. I always give my peers and colleagues the utmost respect they are due and that I would want to receive. If you don’t respect others, they will never truly follow or look up to you. If you give people the respect you would want to receive, then they’ll see you as a fair and unbiased leader and would be far more willing to do what you ask of them. When your subordinates respect you, they will come to you when they need help, enabling you to further build trust and respect. An exceptional Air Force Officer should also be able to communicate
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