Why I Would Be A Better President Than Donald Trump

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In the light of the recent presidential election, I began to think about how qualified the people running were in comparison to me. After learning about both major party candidates, I came to the conclusion that I would probably make a better president than Donald Trump. I would not make a good president, which is why I would need to pick an advisor who could help me. As an advisor, I feel like Mengzi would work best for me because I would end up arguing with most of the others and getting nothing done. He would help me make decisions for the good of the people, such as giving them the materials needed to nurture their sprouts, which are what Mengzi calls the inherent goodness of human nature. Everyone needs, at minimum, somewhere warm to stay, good food and water, and access to proper healthcare. Mengzi would also advise me that if I am going to enjoy something, I also have to let my people enjoy it as well. So if I want to listen to music or read a book while I’m not working, my people should be able to do these things as well. Also, Mengzi would advise me in the solution that helps the most people when I am faced with a difficult decision. Rather than instructing me to find the easy way out, he would make sure that I know the difference between what I can’t do and what I don’t want to do in a given situation. Finally, he would expect me to lead by showing my people an example of benevolence that people will most likely follow because they also have compassion in their
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