Why I Would Want to Be a Teacher.

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Why I would want to be a Teacher

Jamie Croneberger

Grand Canyon University- EDU 310

August 16th, 2012

I want to become a teacher because I, one day, ant to open up my own Day Care Center where I can teach and help the toddlers and babies learn and grow before they start in Pre- Kindergarten. I have always wanted to help younger kids ever since I had my son Anthony and my daughter Kaitlynn. I am having trouble finding a decent, inexpensive day care that I can enroll my children into. So, one day I decided, why tick them in day care when I can teach them things my self at home.

Extrinsic rewards are raises, promotions, bonuses and paid vacations. An extrinsic reward
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I looked up to my teachers throughout high school, especially, my senior year. Beginning of Senior year, I found out I was pregnant with my now 3 year old son Anthony. I was scared and ready to drop out... but... I did not because all my teachers and my fiance helped me through it all. My teachers understood that my “mind” was not all there because I was thinking about how I was going to raise m son because I was not going to put him up for adoption. My teachers were the strongest impact on my life. I felt like they cared more about me and my unborn son's health, then my own family. And when I get a chance, I am going to go back up to my high school and thank each and every one of them for helping me and not allowing me to drop out and ruin my education. Therefor, I ended up graduating on June seventeenth two thousand and nine, eight months pregnant.
“A role model is a person who inspires and encourages us to strive for greatness, live to our fullest potential and see the best in ourselves. A role model is someone we admire and aspire to be like. Dictionary.com”. My teachers of every grade growing up from kindergarten to senior year of high school, were always and will always be my role models. They taught us the basic academics to basically, survive the next year of school and so on and so forth. My teachers taught me how to count, how to read, because all my mother did was work. I felt like my teachers growing up were my mothers
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