Why I Wouldn 't Go Back

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We’ve all heard our elders say, “what I wouldn’t give to go back,” but I can’t imagine anything that would make me agree to repeat high school. Blessed with a heavy dose of femininity and no athleticism, my enrollment at an all-boys Catholic prep school seemed less like a privilege and more akin to a sick joke. Having bumped into my former classmates over the years, I know most recall me for coming out senior year, but breaking down barriers was not what motivated me; instead, I merely hoped owning my homosexuality would end the incessant need to call me a “faggot.” Under the pain, you can find some good memories peppered in there, like my participation in Speech and Debate, which, alongside glee, band, and the robotics club, the implicit “No Bullies Allowed” rule offered solace. Here I could set aside the fear of ridicule, and develop the confidence necessary for public speaking, which ultimately lead my current work. While prepping for my debates, I discovered my love of data. Following hours of research, I’d commit all the findings to memory and, in keeping true to the original Lincoln-Douglas Debate, use to undermine my opponent 's argument, leaving them little credible evidence for them to stand on. Although facts once offered hope, today the statistics relevant to my cause showcase a society with endemic cruelty and tragic outcomes targeting my vulnerable community.
In just the first few months of this year, we’ve already had 6 recorded suicides of transgender youth.
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