Why I hae Dedicated My Life to Medicine Essay example

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My decision of choosing medicine is not one that I have taken lightly of. It is not a career I particularly dreamed of pursuing during my younger days nor did a life changing event diverted me to this choice. As I mature and grow, I discover the sacrifices of committing in this career is a lifetime. I have thought very hard and hesitated much for a long time before I decided to apply.

Volunteering activities in the hospital gave me a clear picture of what it is demanded from me. It gave me an insight that this decision will consume a whole lifetime. The dedication is not only about our lives, but investing our hearts to the patients. While conversing with patients, I learned that the people who are dealing with the matter of life and
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This my main goal as a professional practitioner of medicine.

As the world keeps improving, I also hope to be involved in the innovation of the medical world to improve the processes we use each day. I grew up in a home where ideas are freely discussed, view points constantly compared and I have learned to think for myself. In addition, I, being analytical by nature, easily identifies weakness and initiates to change. While I was serving as vice president in my church’s youth fellowship, I relied heavily on these abilities to find room for improvement. I was able to propose for a change in programs to spice up the atmosphere but still kept the original goal of the fellowship. These experiences will benefit me richly as the foundation of initiative that I can build on my career to add perspectives that will represent what is right for my profession.

I strongly believe that education is an essential part in patient care. In school, education translates into more opportunities and brighter futures while in life, the more knowledge represents a better control over circumstances. I believe that in healthcare, educating patients can also bring such benefits. I experienced this while I was visiting a local clinic with my cousin who was suspected of having dengue fever. In two days, two different doctors attended to us and it was through comparison that gave me this insight. The first doctor showed great patience in explaining on how to read a blood
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