Why I 'm An Objectivist About Ethics

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Is there such a thing as moral objectives? Moral Objectivity is a moral fact that is independent of a person’s moral opinion. Therefore saying, there are moral rights and wrongs or facts that are present whether a person believes in them or not. There are two types of people the first are those who believe in moral objectives called Objectivist and the second are those who believe there are no moral objectives called Subjectivist. I do not believe in moral objectives, I believe that morals and ethics are made up by a society to control and regulate behavior, therefore I am a subjectivist. David Enoch is an objectivist and in his article, “Why I’m an Objectivist about Ethics (and why you are too)”, he performs three test to prove there is such a thing as objectives. Enoch begins by using the Spinach test which presents itself more as a joke. He borrowed it from Christine Korsgaard, it goes like this, “A child hates spinach. He then reports that he’s glad he hates spinach… because if I liked it, I would have eaten it; and it’s yucky!”(2). According to Enoch if you found the joke funny then it is subjective, if the joke is not funny then it is objective. This test is a little harder to prove valid because some people will find the joke funny while others won’t so the answer is not always so simple. In class we discussed how if we substituted “killing babies” for spinach the joke may be funny but not for the same reason as the spinach joke is. Enoch states that when the joke is
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