Why I 'm Writing About Health Care

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Aurora is known to have some of the best hospitals and healthcare providers in Colorado. The Low-income families and undocumented individuals face barriers such as language barriers, economic, cultural differences, and other significant obstacles. The American dream is something that everyone is looking to pursue regarding of what group you are. The American dream is being able to have health care access without any limitations. Health care has been a problem in the past century and its still going on. People who don 't have access to health care many of the time suffer from health related problems. The reason why I 'm writing about health care is to address the barriers each individual faces and how it pertains to the American Dream.…show more content…
While talking about healthcare access, I interviewed a friend about the obstacles he faced as an undocumented immigrant in the U.S. at the time he was not able to apply for Medicaid because of his illegal status in the U.S.” “He said his only option was to apply for a discount”. He had a hard time filling out the application because it was an English. He had to wait several weeks for the clinic to process the request because at the time no one could review the application in Spanish. After the application was examined, he received a letter in the mail and was approved. He told me how he broke his hand at work and needed Surgery immediately. He thought that the discount he applied for would at least help him to pay half of the cost. The bad news is that he received a bill in the mail regarding his surgery. “He said the bill was high, and the discount did not help cover the costs of the operation”. My friend said it was a difficult time he faced having to pay the bill. It was hard for him not being able to have insurance or Medicaid due to his status in the U.S. The Hispanic population face healthcare barriers all the time due to their economic and their undocumented status. Some of the Barriers that the community of Aurora faces consists of companies taking advantage of their clients and selling health care plan to people. According To "Hope Street Groups" document says the company "R&D" is a problem to all residents because
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