Why Indians Came Into Education Warrangement Analysis

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Brother explains some of the reasons why the Indians came into the educationarrangement very late , mainly having to do with the incapability of parents to send their offspring to the few faculties as well as the fact that the children were needed to work on the estate with the parent in order to gain additional money as can be heard and iterated on page 48 in which Pa wanted Nathan to focus on helping him on the plantation and forget about school as there would be another mouth to feed, a baby. Shedid not go in-depth enough as to whether as soon as they were capable, children were put to toil in the grounds to increase the family's skimpy income or improve their family plots at home, she only illuminated that this is what was anticipated as these payments were deemed perilous for the sustenance of the entire family.…show more content…
Theinfluence that was spread by the Christian schoolsin colonial times was owned mostly by the Presbyterian Church which hailed from Canada. Indian children if not needed on the plantation were most times still kept away by their parents because they did not want them to be transformed to Christianity which at the time was the main aim of these missionary groups as displayed on page 13, they started schools and provided education with the intent of changing these non-Christian, pagan people to their spiritual belief. Parents as Lallaconveyedsaw no wisdom in enlightening them since they were an agronomic community and found no need in obtaining formal skills from school such as on page 17, “Work. Work was what we understood, the frame that supported us so our lives inched up from the
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