Why Intelligence Is Measured By Standardized Test Scores And Letter Grades

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In today’s American education system, the arts are typically referred to as “electives.” they are not mandatory and are seen as hobbies. STEM subjects (the sciences, technology, english, and mathematics) are viewed as necessary skills in today’s society. A student that has a talent for photography yet lacks considerable skill in mathematics is usually seen as unintelligent, or academically challenged. A different student, one who is gifted in mathematics, yet is below average when it comes to skills in their art class is not faulted for their loss of artistic talent. They are praised for their intelligence no matter their artistic prowess. Artistic students are constantly made to feel deficient, as if there is something wrong with them if the struggle with STEM subjects. This paper focuses on asking why students are made to feel that way. Why intelligence is measured in standardized test scores and letter grades. It will explore how lack of the arts and creativity is damaging to students, and how this disregard for creativity starts well before we are aware of it. It starts in elementary schools and primary education systems, and continues on into adulthood. One of the main concerns of this paper is how harmful this mindset can be to students. The modern idea of school curriculum is that every student should be tested for the same set of skills and in the same way, measuring every student up to the same standard. The problem with this is that the people who came up with

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