Why Is A Physician? Essay

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Specializing in varying fields, M.D (Medical Doctor) physicians occupy a big role in different settings of healthcare today. They tend to be very intelligent, leaders, and caring individuals which gives others a person to look to for direction and a sense of security in the workplace. However, with these responsibilities as a physician comes a great deal of work and research to get a better idea of what to do to become one and what the job includes. The several fields of research to get a better understand of a physician is the description of the profession, future, certification and education requirements, future graduate schools, professional organizations, and current issues in the field. The description for physicians is generally the same however many have specialities that further their profession and go into more detail in certain areas. The regular physician’s work settings are in clinics, private practice, group practices, health organizations, and hospitals. Clinics are often staffed with nurses and administrative personnel. Private practices often work independently or with other doctors. However, in hospitals there is a large variety of the professional staff that are included in the health department. In these settings, physicians diagnose and treat injuries or illnesses. Based on their diagnoses, they prescribe medicine, examine patients, take medical history, and order different diagnostic tests. They discuss the health of their patients regarding their
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