Why Is A Starfish So Slow?

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Abstract Why is a starfish so slow but never has tiny particles like algae and barnicles on it? The answer is pedicellariae. Pedicellariae are the spikes on starfish. They engulf algae and barnicles before they can attach to the starfish. We’re designing a boat paint that is able to mimic the functions of pedicellariae. Boat paint has been affecting aquatic habitats for thousands of years and counting. Scientists have tried changing the ingredients but no matter what they try, species of animals have been harmed. Many of us just leave the dirty work of choosing bottom paint for our vessel to our local boat repair yard. This is a good choice, since most yards know just what type of paint is best. We should be aware of available choices and…show more content…
Scientists tried creating an anti-fouling paint or bottom paint that is a specialized coating applied to the hull of a ship or boat in order to slow the growth of organisms that attach to the hull and can affect a vessel 's performance and durability a couple of years ago. Hull coatings may have other functions in addition to their anti-fouling properties, such as acting as a barrier against corrosion on metal hulls, or improving the flow of water past the hull of a fishing vessel or high-performance racing yacht. These functions may be very helpful to boaters but the effect on the environment but it still maintains its negative affect. Affects have been so bad some ports banned bottom paints. For example, The Port of San Diego has banned copper-based paints. Copper-based anti-fouling paints used to prevent marine growth from attaching to the hulls of recreational boats have created high levels of copper in San Diego Bay. “The plan is to reduce the copper levels in advance of regulatory requirements set by the Regional and State Water Quality Control Boards” the port says. As shown in the diagram to the diagram to the right, bottom paint is not helping keep algae off the bottom of boats. When we create our version of bottom paint it would minimize the amount of ocean harmed and it would keep algae off the bottom of boats. Some boat paints also include chemicals that will kill

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