Why Is Abortion Immoral

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Abortion is illogically opposed and shouldn't be considered immoral

I am for abortion - Under certain conditions, however. The physical side of this issue is another argument all together and there is no need to examine it here. Abortion is seen in a bad light by most people - As the situation seems to be that abortion is the denial of potential lives. Most people tend not to think past that. However, what most people don't know is that a foetus is not alive until 12 weeks. It's gender and outcome are not decided yet.

Firstly, the idea that abortion is bad comes from bad science and ignorance. The ignorance comes from the fact that when it comes to abortion, people follow what 'seems right' instead of using their heads. Studies show, and scientists all agree - That a foetus is merely a clump of cells before 12 weeks. This means you are not killing anything - Nothing is alive yet, the foetus doesn't even have a designated gender or final outcome. Doing this can be compared to crushing a seed before a plant has even started growing.

Secondly, most people bring up the argument that "Having an abortion is essentially denying a life". So, according to this statement, 'denying a life' is all it takes for something to be immoral..
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After 12 weeks, then, and ONLY then, should it be considered immoral - because the baby is alive. This "Denying a life" ideology is illogical. You are always "Denying potential lives" every second. Every second that isn't used impregnating a woman is denying a potential life. Having an abortion before 12 weeks is "Denying a potential life", but now that we know that we are essentially denying potential lives every second, then why should abortion be opposed and why is abstinence not opposed as well? This is flawed logic, it makes no sense and only follows what 'seems right'. There is no scientific or logical reason behind
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