Why Is Africa Not Invited To The Berlin Conference?

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The European countries were beginning to understand the importance and need for the African nations. All of the European countries had realized that Africa would set forth many new opportunities for them. If they could imperialize and put Africa under their control, they believed it would increase their power. In order to imperialize Africa, Europeans would have to successfully take the country over. However, in doing so they would have to step on the toes of others in order to get what the Europeans wanted. When it came down to the decision making, the Europeans left the Africans out of everything. As you can see, the European countries did not care for the opinions of the African people; in fact, they would do what they wanted.
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In attendance at the conference were 14 European nations; however, the Africans had no representation at this conference. In my opinion, I believe that it is ironic how Africa is not invited to the Berlin Conference. The main purpose of the Berlin Conference was to create the rules for the separation of Africa, yet they were unaware and uninvited. After the conference, the European nations came to conclusions and rules for the separation of Africa. They came to the agreement that any European nation could claim land in Africa; however, they would have to notify the other nations by showing it could control the area they claimed. Soon thereafter, the European nations separated the African continent as they pleased. Unfortunately for the Africans, the Europeans put no thought in the way they separated the land. The outcome of this poor decision making would separate and possibly destroy many ethnic/linguistic groups. This would all unfold due to the decision of not inviting any African representatives. We can infer that the Europeans believed that the African opinion would not matter. Africa would not be apart of the deciding factor on what would happen to the separation of their
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