Why Is Alcohol More Available In Poor Black Areas

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With the poorer communities having so many liquor stores within their areas, many store owners are able to take advantage of the fact that can are able to sell alcohol at cheaper prices. If their alcoholic products have a very low price, then of course it would draw in a numerous amount of people. Having access to inexpensive alcohol is what people who live in impoverished communities tend to go for. Low prices are what drives people to come back into these stores to buy alcohol. In the article “Alcohol more available in poor, black areas” by Tana deLuzuriaga, she explains how malt liquor is being sold more in poorer, African-American communities. If businesses know the areas that are in poor condition and have a lot of people located there, then it makes it easier for store owners to put their establishments in those…show more content…
Some other causes for a spike in crime rates include bars. In the article written by Kathryn Stewart called “How Alcohol Outlets Affect Neighborhood Violence”, she talks about the information that she has gathered about the relationship between outlet density and alcohol violence. In one of the many findings that she has come up with, she says “In a study of 74 cities in Los Angeles County, California, a higher density of alcohol outlets was associated with more violence, even when levels of unemployment, age, ethnic and racial characteristics and other community characteristics were taken into account” (Stewart 2). She explains how areas within heavily populated cities with a numerous amount of liquor stores and bars are linked to the dangerously high crime rates. The underlying factors, like unemployment, that Stewart mentions, all play a part in why people are so drawn to these specific spots. When there are liquor stores in these areas, they do indeed attract people based on age and
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