Why Is Alfred Adler A Superiority Complex?

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Alfred Adler, one of the three founding fathers of modern psychology, was himself stuck in the purgatory of inferiority due his place in sibling competition in his own “family constellation”.

Adler’s first born brother, Sigmund, was older, stronger, smarter, and healthier in every way over his younger, sickly brother, Alfred. By his own theory, Sigmund Adler was destined toward a “superiority complex” that would motivate him to be a “winner” in most of the contests of life whereas Alfred’s inferiority complex would doom him to be a “loser” in sports, academics,business and romance. Rather than giving up because he lost the victories of happiness, Alfred embraced the courage of heroism to fight against the odds inspired by a doctor who
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When Adler be-came a professional he encountered another “Sigmund” known as Dr. Freud whose “my way or the highway” dogmatism showed a superiority complex that felt short of truth. Freud’s system of therapy was as a superior doctor to an inferior patient, but Adler stressed the collaborative ore equalitarian of doctor and patient as a team needing each other,

In addition to sibling rivalry,.children reared in households who were con-stantly criticized for not living up to parents' expectations also develop an infe-riority complex. Adler’s therapy begins with nonjudgmental acceptance of the client to help him regain self worth in the context of his own goals and values.
Adler sees inferiority feelings as a motivator to strive for useful activity and progress. The first battle is to break out of the vicious cycle wherein inferior feel-ings lower self confidence and self esteem to become a self-fulfilling prophesy for the negative. The patient needs to be “encouraged” to have courage to face potential failure by working hard to achieve realistic goals that are not the self-defeating perfectionism of the all or nothing irrational thinking. Focusing on the peak areas of one’s strengths can compensate to bring up the
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