Why Is America Going Organic?

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Why is America going organic? Is it because Dr. OZ told them to? Is it because there are promises of losing weight and younger looking skin? What would make a person spend double the price for organic food and turn around a drink a coke? I am not saying organic foods are bad. I am saying unless you are going to be 100% committed, why bother? Organic farming is a $63 billion dollar business and about half of that is from Americans feeling the need to healthier. Everybody is trying to get into the business. Natural products are a $290 billion in the United States. Big chain stores like Wal-Mart even want a piece of the pie, because it is such a lucrative market. My question to Americans, is how do you know you are really getting organic foods? Have you noticed a difference when you eat a regular apple or organic apple? Would you know it was organic if the store didn’t tell you? According to the Academics Review, we are being fed lies. The organic market was built on lies. The study states that without a doubt the organic industry lied to the public about how conventionally grown food is unsafe. They are trying to tell us that the foods my 90 year old grandmother is eating is unsafe for her. Organic Valley got their selves involved with school age children. Organic Valley made coloring books and sent home literature to mommy and daddy about how safe organic foods are for the whole family. They even want parents to fight for their kids right to only eat organic
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