Why Is American History Important

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“Those who cannot remember the past, the past are condemned to repeat it”.-george santayana

What do you think george is trying to say when he says that?

If you don't know what it means,it means studying history is necessary to avoid from

Repeating past mistakes. We learn to know history is not meant to repeat but to learn from

It. We need history ,and mistakes so that for next time we know what to do and what not to

Do. Have you ever heard your parents say no one is perfect and you learn from your mistakes That pretty much applies to history. We need the documented history to learn what our

Ancestors And leaders have done for us. The right things they have done and the mistakes they

Have made . So we know how to learn
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We learn to stand up during the pledge of allegiance and to put our hands on our heart to

honor those who have fought and those fighting for our country .and to honor the ones who

put their lives on the lines everyday to keep us safe.If you ask me why i think america is so great

that is why. Because the heros of america our counrty is so strong and brave

We have learned that slavery

is wrong and it should not be allowed in america, however that law does not protect people

being Racist does it?

You might not know how much are country is better than other countries. The united states of

america means a lot to case you didn't notice . i am motivated and inspired everyday

of those heroes who have fought and who are fighting for the united states of america. It

Encourages me to want to be more like a hero and die knowing i was a hero in some way.


Freedoms that not many countries have. We get to speak our mind ,and be whoever we want to

Be. i sometimes think maybe we have a little too much freedom, why i say that? Because

Thousands of our police officers are killed every month because people don't like being
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