Why Is America's Public School System Justified?

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American’s public school system have struggled to assist the proper funding acquiesces for providing amenities that are required by the administration, faculty, staff and students. The success rate of the school systems budget has overturned the phrase President Lyndon Johnson initiated regarding standardize poverty levels. “Poverty must not be a bar to learning, and learning must offer an escape from poverty,” President Lyndon Johnson. Dilapidated buildings, equipment, and materials are the results of the mishandling of misappropriated funding. Equitable funding and the better lack of funding gaps have led to court challenges that ironically why American’s public school is not able to meet or exceed higher standards as justified. Expert analysts have been debating tendencies’ on how the lack of finances has led to constitution challenges and the inadequacies in school finance since the 19th century (Card & Payne, 2002). According to Berry & Wysong (2010), constitutionality of the school-finance system has been a debatable issue that has led to more 139 separate lawsuits in 45 states. The issue has generated numerous of concerns and questions to the originated date of relevance. More than forty years of concerns, the ratification of the 14th amendment mandated that the notion of “separate but…show more content…
Since government actions have led to levels of scrutiny, it has been questionable rather compelling actions was the result of educational challenges that demonstrated due process within gender and legitimacy formations to protect a diverse cultural. The Civil War era justified the notion, “anything separate but equal”. Tradition educational standards failed the individuals campaigning for an increase to maintain reflected values. With the assistance of the Julius Rosenwald Fund, 1914, fundraisers, and donated land, financing promulgate to improve the common era for disadvantaged
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