Why Is Animal Testing Bad

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The Science world evolved greatly throughout the past hundreds of years and animal testing was apart of science even back then. Animal Testing started about 1000 years ago, and it is still used today in today's science (" Animal Testing"). One of the first animal experimentation was from around 450 B.C from a Greek Philosopher Alcmaeon ("Animal Testing"). Animal testing is one of the many ways to find out side effects and solutions to many drugs, medicines and diseases. More than 100 million animals are locked alone in a cage. Doing tests and being forced to take medicines, chemicals and be taken in for experiments (Goodman). Even though the animals might suffer from the drugs and medication, they are used to solve and help cure various diseases.…show more content…
Some outcomes consists of false results, livestock protection, and even as worse as animals suffering. To start off, scientists test animals behavior and how much they eat, in result the scientists try to keep livestock healthy and to protect endangered species ("Animal Research and Testing"). Endangered species need protection from poachers, or anything that can harm them. There are also many rough or even faulty outcomes to animal testing. For example, animal testing can make the animals suffer greatly during the tests that could also lead to death ("Animal Tests"). Animals suffering is not a positive way to find out more about medicines and drugs. But there not just faulty outcomes but there may be some incorrect results. Finally, from testing with animals, or primates, many medicines, or vaccines have been delayed from the results that they have received that falsely indicated the virus from the animal (Dove). False results most likely lead to a delay their research which is not always good, so scientists depending on primates does not always lead to correct research. Overall, the results, and the outcomes of the test can vary from good to bad and the tests can even lead to fatality in the…show more content…
First, instead of having the animal suffer, the scientist can kill the animal before they test is and just use the heart, or the animal tissue for their various tests (Harwell). It's good for the animals won't have to suffer from the tests, vaccinations, and experiments that can lead to a fatal death. Next, for house objects, and cosmetics the scientist can change to non-animal research to find out the effects the cosmetics may have if got in eyes or mouth (Goodman). Also, a lot of the experiments can be painful to the animal, so people may suggest that scientist should do painless experiments on the animals so they won't feel pain ("Animal Testing"). Animals should not feel pain if they are being forced to take medicines and drugs, it should be painless. Finally, a solution to animal testing is the ability to grow animal and human tissue. From growing animal and human tissue, it not just accurate testing tissue, it is also painless for the animals (Harwell). There are various painless solutions for scientists and animals in animal experimentation that should be used more
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