Why Is Attending A Four Year University?

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During the prime of adolescents, children are honed about the importance of attending college if they ever have hope of obtaining success. Pursuing a higher education can, in fact, be costly but yet extremely beneficial. One who attends a four-year university may have a different experience then one who attends a two-year community college: campus involvement, administration, post graduation readiness. In sequence, one who attends a four-year university may get the notion that they are receiving a more quality. By making differences in colleges and universities, society may discourage those who want to attend a community college. However, it is important that we point out the differences between four-year universities and two-year colleges if there is any hope of giving students the best of both worlds (Braxton, Doyle, Lyken-Segosebe, 2015).

Students who are active in campus activities have a higher chance of graduating. Students feel a sense of responsibility to assist the organization by setting and accomplishing goals. Not only will the organization thrive, but the university will also begin to gain more students. Being a part of student lead organizations will teach students leadership, teamwork, and flexibility. There is an enormous amount of campus activities that students can get involved in such as fraternity and sorority life, Government associations, and sports teams. Sadly, four-year universities are predominantly known for a having campus organization, unlike
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