Why Is Aura Important

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Finding a rock off the ground. All the other rocks around and you chose that rock. Why? The aura of the rock attracted you, its size color or other aesthetic feathers. All objects have an aura, and it is artist duty to interpret and relay this aura to other people. As artist we should understand the objects and materials we choose to use could affect our work greatly. For example, if one wants to show weight, you could draw a picture of a scale or you could get a huge pile of concrete. Both show the same thing however to two totally different ways. I feel all objects can have an aura. The aura, the silent force that draws you to objects. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines aura as a subtle sensory stimulus or a distinctive atmosphere surrounding a given source. This can be demonstrated by looking at Stonehenge. This is a place millions of people flock to even though they may not know its true purpose. The sheer size of the stones and the mystery of how and why they are there, contribute to the aura.…show more content…
I think this can be seen when you look at religious holy sites. In the sense that people gravitate to some holy sites even though it may not be their religion. Also Benjamin says “the unique vale of the “authentic” work of art has its basis in ritual.” In holy sites there are usually ritual you should perform when visiting, for example, praying, toughing the holy water, toughing a statue, or leaving gifts. I feel as if holy sites use aesthetics as a way of communicating with more people. The aesthetic I feel are interlaced with aura, ether beauty or the ugly the reaction that interacts with your person. Young artist should consider the aura of the objects or materials they use in their work. The history of a box, for example, could severally alter how your work is view. Being an artist I feel is it necessary one understands the aura and the history can help or hurt ones
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