Why Is Australia's Unique Species

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Australia, once known as a massive jail for British prisoners, is now more famous for something slightly more sightly; its exotic fauna. As a continent that is separated geologically from the rest of the world, natural selection has made the animals of the “Land Down Under” incredibly unique in comparison to the rest of the world. The history of Australia’s unique species is one rife with adaptation, including both native and invasive creatures, with startling attributes ranging from their appearance, reproduction, and even their diets. Commencing with, Australia’s species bare little resemblance to creatures around the globe due to the work of adaptation. Notably, the native echidna possesses a body covered with sharp spines (Source 1). The spines work as a defense mechanism against the continents larger carnivores, such as the Tasmanian devil, and are a necessary adaptation in order to preserve the echidna’s population. In a similar vein, the invasive cane toad, brought into Australia to halt the menacing cane beetle from crop…show more content…
Famously, both the echidna and the kangaroo, found only in Australia, possess the unique quality of a pouch to house their infantile young (Source 1). In the kangaroos case, the pouch is used both as a protective and nursing measure, as it provides a stable climate and allows easy access to the mother kangaroo's milk. In regards to invasive species, rabbit population flourished after their introduction do to a lack of natural predators to quell their numbers, and ended up having populations in the millions shortly after their arrival (Source 1). One could argue that the rabbits were able to adapt to the Australian environment, easily and that the rabbits cemented themselves into the food web of the country. Whether it’s the means of or merely the rate, Australia has a unique track record in regards to the reproduction of its
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