Why Is Baseball Important To Me Essay

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Throughout my life, I have been apart of America’s pastime--baseball. My career started in the dog days of the ‘03 season and I have not stopped playing since. Looking back, I can see the horrid field where I first started playing, and if I shift gears and look forward, I can see the shimmering astro turf I will be playing on in college. The steps taken to learn the skills, positions, and history it takes to play the game of baseball have been stored in the very core of my being, but I was launched into this learning process. I never got to play teeball like most young players do, so I did not learn the game in the same manner as most ball players have before me. The speedy progression would discourage most from ever playing again, but I fed on the opportunity and thrived. Time and time again, the game of baseball has tried to knock me out with an array of assailants, but it has not succeeded to this point, for I have gotten back up each time stronger than before. One could say baseball was the mold that made me into who I am today. Weeks away from my fifth birthday, my grandfather gave me a rubber ball that was about the size of an orange. I was given strict instructions to bounce this ball off of…show more content…
I see the lacking of tee ball as the foundation for my courage. When I am given a difficult task or deadline, I do not shy away. I persevere and finish the task which in turn makes me the hard worker I am today. My days of success as a travel baller and highschooler have given me the confidence to tackle any prompt or situation. With the benching and injury, I was handed an ultimatum--give up and quit or try harder and succeed. I chose to get up and finish what I started all those years ago. Without baseball I may have never been able to become the student, son, or citizen that I am today. I truly believe that baseball has opened doors for the success I have found in other subject
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