Why Is Basketball Important In Basketball

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Basketball Injuries: The Breaking Point
Zachary M Peterson
Dixie High School / Dixie State University
CE 1010 English

Basketball. The sport is played in elementary school, in middle school, and most common in physical education. There are stories of somebody hurting themselves playing this game. Injuries are a part of society, accidents happen everyday, even the smallest misstep as a twisted ankle could end up being an injury. Injuries are random events that will happen throughout our lives, but when an injury affects an entire sports organization, there is definitely more at stake. Paul George was an all-star, an MVP candidate, and the man that was about to help the Indiana Pacers finally dethrone the king, Lebron James. But that all changed in August of 2014. Paul George was playing in a friendly scrimmage for the USA Olympic basketball team. George was running back on defense against one of the other players, James Harden, when Paul awkwardly landed against the stanchion, the section of the basketball hoop that juts into the ground. The bone snapped in the middle of his ankle and knee, not where you’re supposed to break anything. The leg had broken through the skin and started to pierce through the leg. Paul George gives us some insight about the experience,
I didn’t really feel nothing then, but I just knew I couldn’t put my foot down. I couldn’t help myself from standing. I tried to grab onto the mat to help myself, like, ‘Why can’t I

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